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Ovarian cancer

  • No. 1

    Death rate of gynecologic cancers

    (As of 2016)

  • 70%
    or more

    Detected after stage 3

    (As of 2016)

  • 50%

    Incidence of women
    in their 40s / 50s

    (As of 2017)

  • 65.2%

    The lowest five-year survival rate among top three gynecologic cancers

    (As of 2018)

  • 39%

    High rate of patient growth

    (As of 2016)

(HIRA, KCCR Survey 2018)

  • Early detection

  • Icon

    In vitro diagnosis using
    blood-based double biomarkers

  • Early treatment

DxMe® OC


ELISA-type blood-based in-vitro diagnostic kit for ovarian cancer

To diagnose ovarian cancer, clinical tests mainly employ video diagnosis methods, which are accompanied by difficulties such as invasiveness, high cost, inaccuracy of diagnosis, and radiation exposure.
This ovarian cancer in vitro diagnosis kit uses blood (serum) to quickly check two biomarkers through the ELISA method. Eliminating the difficulties seen in traditional ovarian cancer screening methods, the kit provides a high degree of diagnostic accuracy.

  • 1 Use multibiomarkers that complement and overcome existing ovarian cancer biomarkers
  • 2 Ovarian cancer can be screened or diagnosed early with only small amount of blood
  • 3 In-vitro diagnostic product for ovarian cancer that is simpler, cheaper, and more accurate than the existing tests
  • 4 Higher sensitivity and specificity compared to existing tests
  • 5 High accessibility for use in any hospital
  • 6 Competitive price and consistent performance