E&S Healthcare promises a healthier life for mankind.

Company introduction

E&S Healthcare develops innovative medical solutions
that guarantee 3A's values (Availability, Affordability, and Accessibility) of
in-vitro diagnostic technology to give mankind new hope.

In particular, we have developed diagnostic kits that use blood to diagnose gynecologic cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometriosis to ensure healthy and trouble-free lives for women around the world. To make the diagnostic process even easier and more convenient for the clinician, we have developed a fully automated device for fast and simple utilization of these diagnostic kits, increasing consistency and diagnostic inspection quality.
The trend of in vitro diagnostic technology in the medical field is toward non-invasive, simple, user-friendly, real-time and economical technology and products. E&S Healthcare is committed to developing innovative healthcare solutions to meet these needs.

Company overview

Company name E&S Healthcare Co., Ltd.
CEO Ken Kyoung-Hoon Suh
Date of foundation November 07, 2013
Business areas Development and production of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and discovery of new biomarkers
Head office address 42, Gukjegwahak 11-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34002, Republic of Korea

Management philosophy



“For The New Hope”

Doing our utmost to develop the best products that bring New Hope to customers.

A company that gives new hope to mankind



“Global Market-Leading Company”

We do our best to lead market with advanced, economic and simple products.

A company leading the future of the healthcare industry



“3A - Values”Accessibility, Affordabillity, Availability

We do our best to guarantee availability, affordabillity, and accessibility of our products.

Value of availability, affordability, and accessibility


E&S Healthcare Develops and Provides the Best IVDs for Mankind.

  • Accessibility Accessibility


  • Affordability Affordability


  • Availability Availability


Development of 3A Technology and Products DxMe® Products. DxMe® BC Breast Cancer Kit, DxMe® OC Ovarian Cancer Kit, DxMe® Endo Endometriosis Kit, DxMe® Redox Oxidative Stress Cancer Kit, DxMe® TFα Anticancer Immunity Kity, DxMe® DUO Breast/Ovarian Cancer Kit. Early DetectionTimely Treatment

Healthy & Vibrant Life