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Biomarker Discovery System


This is a new biomarker discovery technology, which has been developed by E&S Healthcare, through analysis of nucleic acids and proteins using the self-established Exosome Based Biomarker Screening System.
These Newly discovered biomarkers can be applied to ensue new diagnostic products of E&S and further optimized with other E&S technologies.

  • 1 Secure carbon neutrality by using eco-friendly materials (more than 90% using cellulose).
  • 2 Origami device method that connects fluidic channels by folding the joint.
  • 3 The length of the channel is very short, enabling fast multiplex analysis.
  • 4 Reducing the amount of sample required for inspection, and maximizing the detection signal.
  • 5 Up to 4 diseases can be diagnosed from 1 sample.
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