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Eco-friendly Biosensor


The eco-friendly biosensor is a diagnostic technology using cellulose-based eco-friendly materials with high carbon neutrality and can replace existing plastic-based diagnostic platforms.
Compared to the 2D direction, the length of the channel is represented as shorter due to the shape of the vertical direction.
Additionally, the biosensor is available for multiplex immunoassay of its diagnostic channels, which allows up to four diseases simultaneously diagnosed by one sample.

  • 1 Secure carbon neutrality by using eco-friendly materials (more than 90% using cellulose).
  • 2 Origami device method that connects fluidic channels by folding the joint.
  • 3 The length of the channel is very short, enabling fast multiplex analysis.
  • 4 Reducing the amount of sample required for inspection, and maximizing the detection signal.
  • 5 Up to 4 diseases can be diagnosed from 1 sample.
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