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Recruitment 게시판의 상세내역 확인

Recruitment 게시판의 제목, 작성자, 등록일, 조회수, 첨부파일, 내용 등의 정보를 목록으로 제공하고 있다.

Recruiting area and process  
Writer 관리자 Search 551
Date 2020-02-24
■ Recruiting area / qualification

-Recruiting area: Biotechnology-related majors such as biotechnology, molecular biology, and biochemistry

-Qualification (common): Bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree holder

-Preference: Experience in related fields, English fluency


■ Screening method

-Document screening

-Documents to be submitted: Job application form, cover letter (statement of career experience if applicable)

∙Submission method: E-mail application

-Job interview

∙Job interviews will be conducted only for those who pass the document screening


■ Submission & Inquiry