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For The New Hope

E&S Healthcare
promises a healthier life for mankind.

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Early & Sure Healthcare

E&S Healthcare is a company that specializes in developing technology
for the early and sure diagnosis of cancer using blood.

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Total HealthCare Solutions

E&S Healthcare secures your healthy life through DxMe®,
an early diagnosis product group for cancers..

  • Product introduction

    E&S Healthcare is committed to developing products that will bring new hope.

  • Breast cancer

    DxMe BC®

    ELISA Kit for in vitro diagnosis using blood



    Fully automated ELISA instrument for DxMe® products


"For The New Hope"

E&S Healthcare develops innovative solutions
that guarantee 3A’s value (Availability, Affordability, and Accessibility)
of in-vitro diagnostic technology to give mankind new hope.

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Early & Sure

Useful tips to understand woman’s cancers

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Quick information

Company-related information of E&S Healthcare.


E&S Healthcare promises a healthy and safe life.

  • Daejeon

    42, Gukjegwahak 11-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34002 Republic Of Korea

  • Tel & Fax

    TEL. +82-70-8807-9081 FAX. +82-42-936-1141

  • E-mail